10 Jobs That Make It Difficult For Men To Intimately Satisfy Their Wives

Comic Nigerian writer, Tosyne2much has shared his own opinion on some certain jobs that will affect a man’s role as a husband.

Women need their men to spend quality time with them and shower them with loads of love, care and affection which is the top priority of every marriage.In Nigeria, there are certain jobs that deprive men from satisfying their wives romantically and intimately. This may be due to long hours of working, and the strenuous nature of the jobs and which puts them in a position to starve their wives of romance and intimacyWithout wasting time here, below are the categories of these jobs:

1. Banking Jobs

Banking job is one of the time-consuming jobs coupled with stress and fatigue which might perhaps cause a lot of psychological damage to men. The nature of banking jobs demand that a man resumes very early at dawn and goes home at odd hour at night. At the end of the day, the man arrives home at mid night with much fatigue which makes it difficult for him to satisfy his wife except during weekends.

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