10 Things Never To Say To A Pregnant Woman

I found this very interesting piece. Some of you might have said or more of these to a pregnant woman. Read it and share your thoughts.
1. “Were you trying to get pregnant/Did you plan for this?” I don’t know exactly what portion of society deems it okay to ask these kinds of questions, but they translate to “Do you have sex regularly? Are you using birth control? Do you have a basic understand of the human reproductive system?” All of which are entirely unacceptable. Obviously. 
2. “Can I touch your belly?” Do you want your hand bitten off? Have you lost your mind? Does the phrase “personal space” have any meaning to you at all? Hell no, you may not rub my belly.
3. “Are you sure there’s just one baby in there?” Positive, ass wipe.
4. “Wow! You still have a ways to go!” You want to tell that to the foot jammed in my ribcage, and my inability to sit/stand/lay down comfortably? Or the fact I have been dealing with this for 33 weeks? I mean, thanks for not blurting out that I’m as big as the broad side of a barn, but I really don’t need to be reminded that I’m not at the finish line quite yet. I’m very much aware of just how many days I have until my due date. Thanks.

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