10 Things That Cause Early Labour And Miscarriage

There must be a full term pregnancy for a healthy baby and healthy mother. Full term pregnancy means when pregnancy lasts for 40 weeks starting from the first day of the last period. If there are labour pains (uterine contractions and dilation or opening of the cervix) before 37th week of pregnancy then it is called preterm labour. These babies born before the due date or before 37th week are called as premature babies.

1. Alcohol Consumption: Alcohol reaches the baby if the mother consumes it. The alcohol crosses the placental lining of the mother ans enters the fetal blood circulation. The liver of your baby can’t remove the toxins. Alcohol not only harms your baby but also causes preterm labour.

2. Oral Infections: Research has shown that oral infection such cavities, tooth decay, gum inflammation and mouth ulcers etc can cause release of some hormones in the body that result in preterm labour. These hormones have the same action as that of the hormones that cause labour. So visit a dentist before planning for pregnancy.

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