12 Foods You Should Never Refrigerate

When we are done with the groceries, the first thing we all do is fill the fridge with perishable items. However, despite popular belief, there are some food times that you should never store in the refrigerator as it can spoil the food faster.

On the other hand, when these foods are placed in the refrigerator it can lessen the flavour and also change the texture of the food item reducing the protein and nutrient value as well. According to experts, it is said that these foods when stored in cool temperatures aids in drying up the fruit or the vegetable which makes it invaluable for you to consume.

Likewise, even bread when stored in the refrigerator will turn dry, sometimes even causing mold to form due to extreme cold values in the fridge. Here are 12 foods you should not refrigerate, take a look at them and find better places to store these yummy foods:

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