13 Proven Ways To Delay Eja_culation And Last Longer In It

Premature eja_culation can get you down and ruin your s*x life. Learn to delay ejaculation and last longer in bed by trying these simple tips to delay and prolong eja_culation. This will enable you and your partner to enjoy a healthy s*x life.

Kegel exercises – Kegel exercises can help you prolong ejaculation. Kegels are those muscles that you use for controlling urination. So, flex these muscles about 30 times a day to delay eja_culation.

Squeeze technique – Prolong eja_culation and delay it by holding the tip of the head of the man-hood. Squeezing the tip of the man-hood can help control premature eja_culation.

Testes – The scrotum rises as a man reaches climax and is on the verge of ejaculation. So, delay eja_culation by pulling the scrotum away from the body.

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