13 Ways To Avoid Genital (Vag!nal) Odour

Personal hygiene keeps you clean and free from infections. Similarly, genital hygiene is a must. Women needs to be more attentive towards genital hygiene as the vag!na has several microscopic organisms. Maintaining vag!nal hygiene also prevents the odour from the genital area. Take a look the genital hygiene tips for women.

1. Keep the genital area clean by washing it everyday. Be more particular after passing defecation (stool). Bacterias and yeasts form in the intestines so don’t forget to clean the vag!na properly after defecation.

2. While taking bath, also clean the clit0ris and urethra area because they have secretions. Use soap or body wash to clean the women genital area.

3. Wear pure cotton or silk garments. Avoid wearing synthetic or polyester undergarments as they become wet easily and take time to dry therefore building bacteria.

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