15 Everyday Things You Didn’t Know Affect A Man’s Performance In Bed

Hey guys, let’s talk a little bit about sexual performance. Okay, okay, so this doesn’t have to be 7th grade health class, but we do think that we could teach you a thing or two about this taboo topic. It turns out that there are actually quite a few everyday things that can put a bad spin on things under the sheets. So take a moment or two to read through our list of 15 Everyday Things You Didn’t Know Affect a Man’s Performance in Bed. We think you will be glad you decided to dedicate a few moments to read this list!

From the things you put in your body to how you treat it, to even communicating with yourself, your doctor, and your significant other…these factors can all contribute to whether or not you have the best time of your life in bed. So be sure to pay close attention, because you might not realize how badly you snore or just how much coffee you tend to drink every morning, and what impact that may have. As you’ll find, these seemingly small details can really add up when it comes to enjoying sexual pleasure with your partner.

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