3 Foods that EVERY Guy Must Eat to Maintain an Er_ection – New Study Reveals

Nothing can be more embarrassing than being known as the 2 minute noodle guy. You know, you perform really well during foreplay and she is all hyped up and can’t wait to have your anaconda safely tucked in her nest. One, two and on the third stroke, you can not control it, you finish off with embarrassment

Gather guys, the listed foods will not only help boost your erection, it will also help you perform very well in bed according to se_xperts.

Do you know foods can do the work of Via_gra and help you be a better man in bed? Here are the list of 6 foods you can use to top your bedroom game.

Researchers found that men who indulged in a glass of red wine and regularly chomped on citrus fruits were much less likely to develop er_ectile dysfunction.

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