4 Simple Way To Flatten Your Stomach Faster And Easier Than Crunches Ever Can

Many people think that crunches are the best exercises to get flat, tight, and toned abs. However, this might be one of the least effective and monotonous ways of shedding belly fat. There are many different exercises that can help you achieve the desired result very quickly. They will engage all the core muscles and at the same time will help you to melt the excess fat easier and that will make your abdominal area muscular and tight.

So, we decided to present you 4 effective fat-burning ab exercises (no crunches!)

#1 Abdominal Twist


ay down on the floor, with your feet flat. Point your knees upwards in a position of crunches. Lift the upper part of your body in 45 degrees off the floor, and rotate it to the left side. Then, return to the beginning position, and rotate again on the right side.

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