6 Alarming Symptoms Why One May Have A Kidney Stone

Kidney stone pain is one of the deadliest and the worst pain one may witness. These pains can vary from short intervals to persistent pain for a longer period of time. Kidney stone can be due to eating habits that are detrimental to ones health. Kidney stones which are also known as renal calculus or nephrolith in the medical world are detected in one’s body when an ultrasound is conducted. It is seen as a small in-formation in the any of the kidney which is present in a solid state. Typically a kidney stone varies from 1 millimeter to 3 millimeters, the latter is considered as an extremely big kidney stone. The side effects of having a kidney stone is that it can cause the clogging of the urethra. However there are a few more symptoms that are associated with kidney stone, some of which are listed below.

1. Lethargy

kidney 1

If one feels down and drained out along with immense amount of sleepiness without exerting too much or knowing the cause of being sleepy, it is possible that a kidney stone can be a reason for it.

2. Difficulty While Sleeping

kidney 5

With the presence of a kidney stone, the kidneys don’t filter properly which allows the toxins to go into the blood and exit through urine. Because of which the body gets troubled and the sleep becomes erratic.


3. Uric Acid Stones

kidney 2

This is one of the major reasons why kidney stone occurs and if one witness frequent urination then one must consult the doctor.

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4. Swollen ankles and feet

kidney 3

Excess of fat and meat products can be a contributing factor of kidney stones.

5. Muscle cramps

kidney 4

Untimely and constant muscle pain and cramps are to be shown to the doctor if they persist for long.

6. Feeling cold

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