6 (Other) Great Things SE_X Can Do For Yo

Most people learn the basics behind se_x when Mom, Dad or the se_x-ed teacher sit them down for a talk about where babies come from. And sure, se_x is about reproduction. But it also has a number of pleasant side effects that aren’t quite as well-known. Here are six things (safe) se_x can do for you.

Reduce Anxiety

Se_x may sometimes cause, ahem, performance anxiety, but fortunately there’s a cure: se_x! OK, maybe it isn’t as simple as that, but se_xual activity has been shown to reduce anxiety in rodents and humans. A study published in July 2010 in the science journal PLoS ONE found that se_xually active rats displayed fewer anxious behaviors compared with rats that hadn’t been allowed to have se_x (the study also found that se_x protected the rats’ brains from the negative effects of stress hormones)

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