8 Best S3x Positions for Men with Smaller P3nises

Are you on the smaller size of average? Never fear! There are lots of positions to try that won’t make either of you feel like something’s missing!
The media makes a big stink about size: bigger boobs, bigger spending, upsize that combo. And sorry to say, your p3nis is definitely included in that “big” conversation. With all the talk about big d!cks and “size matters,” you may start to feel embarrassed about your s3xual prowess – but don’t be!

First of all, most women would rather have someone on the smaller size than risk ripping their uterus for an 11″ rocket, so if you’re worried your girlfriend is looking for Gigantor, put those fears to rest. If you’re below average in the p3nis department, don’t freak out. It’s all about knowing how to use what you’ve got.

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