8 Foods That Increases Sperm Count

I want to talk about the foods that help to keep your sperm healthy and increase its volume. Its funny how most men don’t know the difference between sperm and Fluid, let me explain it, Fluid is the whitish, sticky liquid or fluid produced from a male s3x organ while sperm is a microscopic cell found swimming in the Fluid (i hope i was able to differentiate it without confusing you) ok! let’s continue…… most men produce Fluid without the sperm being present, that is when we use the term “shooting blank” this is why most men can’t make babies (no offence please).

Enough said before we get more confused, let’s talk about the food that can increase the volume of the sperm and keep it healthy:

A) Banana: as i said before in my last post banana contains an enzyme called bromelain which controls s3x hormones and also contains vitamins like A,B and C which promote sperm production and helps the body provide stamina.

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