8 Hard Facts About Erections That Every Guy Needs To Know.

With phrases like ‘YOLO (You only live once)’ still in full circulation, it’s tempting to indulge yourself every chance you get. This can look like guzzling down beer, chain smoking, or staying up all night to party or game, even if it regularly cuts into your sleep.

 That ice cold beer may be exactly what you needed, a cigarette may take off the edge, and it really is fun to stay up at night, but several years down the line, you’ll realize that time isn’t something that you can get back. You can change your habits but you can’t undo the effects overnight. That’s why we’re telling you now to take a step back and reevaluate, because your health is at risk.Today, we’d like focus particularly on how your habits may affect the male erection. Unless you’re asexual, this is something you probably value. A lot.Erectile dysfunction (ED), the inability to keep an erection while engaging in sexual acts, affects your self-confidence and relationships. About 18 million men in the U.S currently live with impotence.Do keep in mind that an occasional problem isn’t something to worry about, but if you’d like to keep it from repeatedly happening, take these necessary precautions.


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