Adults Only: Physicians Discover How To Enlarge A Woman’s G-Spot(Photo)

A boost in the bedroom may be just a shot away for some women looking to enhance their se xual pleasure.

Physicians like Dr. Kevin Jovanovic, a cosmetic surgeon and OB/GYN in New York City, are offering a procedure to increase the size of a woman’s ‘G-spot’ by injecting it with collagen.

“This is a unique space that’s somewhat taboo where women say ‘Everything is fine, I want to feel more,’” Jovanovic told “For example, for a man, there are supposedly more Viagra prescriptions written for without ere ctile dysfunction because they want to feel more.”

The “G-Shot” procedure, also called G-Spot augmentation, was pioneered by Dr. David Matlock from the Laser Va ginal Rejuvenation Institute of Los Angeles in 2008.

While there haven’t been any large scale studies on this controversial procedure, Jovanovic said Matlock studied 106 of his patients who received the G-Shot, and found that 85 of them reported feeling enhanced se xual pleasure as a result.

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