After Reading This You Will Forget About the Sciatica Pain Forever (VIDEO)

Sciatica pain is caused by an irritation or compression of the sciatic nerve, which is the biggest body nerve, starting from the lower spine area, down each leg, to the feet.

It enables the movement and strength of legs.

Sciatica pain is thus felt from the lower back, hip, to the outer leg side. It is often accompanied by a tingling sensation or numbness and significantly impedes simple movements and everyday life. In the case of sciatica pain, people usually take strong painkillers.

The most common symptoms are leg cramps and sharp, intense pain, as well as numbness and tingling in the area of the buttock, feet, or legs. In most cases, the pain is felt in one leg only, not in both at once.

Sciatica pain may also be caused by a herniated or slipped disc, degenerative disc disease, a spinal injury or infection, pregnancy, spinal stenosis, isthmic spondylolisthesis, and piriformis syndrome.

Sciatica is treated in various ways and treatments, but these provide only a temporary relief. The majority of steroid injections also cause serious side-effects, so it is best to find an effective natural therapy and treat the issue.

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