Avoid These 4 Foods to Reduce Mucus

It’s a topic of conversation that many people aren’t keen on; however, it’s a very important bodily function. Mucus (also known as snot, phlegm and boogers) works as a lubricant, so to speak, for the body.

The mouth, noise, sinuses, lungs, gastrointestinal (GI) tract and the throat all contain tissues that produce mucus. The mucus that these tissues create actually work to protect the surfaces of these parts of the body, thus preventing the tissues underneath them from becoming dried out.

Mucus also works to prevent the body from becoming infected with viruses, bacteria and other germs. When something enters the body that shouldn’t with the intention of making an individual sick, the mucus traps the foreign pathogen, preventing it from entering the body and infiltrating the immune system. In other words, mucus prevents illnesses.

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