CAUTION: Parents, These Five Foods Should Never Give to Your Children!

A balanced diet is the key to health. But sometimes healthy foods can cause a lot of problems for young children because their organisms can not digest certain substances, and immunity to them is too weak to resist the seemingly harmless substances.

1. Honey

Children below two years of age should not be given honey because it may contain the toxin Clostridium botulinum, which causes poisoning called botulism. Immunity adults able to fight the appearance of these substances, but not for children, but it is better to completely avoid in the early years of your little one.

2. Unpasteurized Milk

Cow’s milk contains milk proteins that children under one year of age can not digest, so it is not recommended the introduction of these foods in the infant before the first birthday.However, at a young age should be avoided and domestic milk that has not passed the process of pasteurization.

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