Do You Have Bacteria, Parasites Or Cancer – Look In The Neck!

When you discover the existence of cancer, it’s quite a shock to people. It is usually revealed by swollen lymph nodes.
They are located on the neck, around the head, armpits and groin. Enlarged lymph nodes may even form lumps behind the ear.The lymphatic system is the second circulatory system in the body, and very often we forget to pay attention.

Through the thin walls of the arterial capillaries, blood strain and exits of the blood plasma with nutrients, oxygen and white blood cells. Blood plasma, which strain through the blood capillaries, flooded the cells of tissues and is called tissue fluid.If we burn, and if we make a an envelope, in the subcutaneous tissue is collected tissue fluid. It has a bright yellow color and salty taste, contains substances that have blood plasma and white blood cells.

Tissue fluid to the cells gives nutrients and oxygen and takes unnecessary substances and carbon dioxide. Lymph differs from blood because does not contains red blood cells and platelets.

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