Do You Know That Condom Does Not Guaranty HIV Prevention? (See Details)

I know this topic will shock many people who believe in the propaganda that the use of condom is a formidable prevention against HIV but unfortunately,using a condom does not prevent you from contracting HIV but only reduces the chance of contracting it.

Now read this and i doubt if you will ever read this anywhere else because the condom industry is a huge one and facts like this may not be widely disseminated but here i give it to you to ponder over.

-Human immunodeficient Virus(HIV) is very virulent and can pass through through unnoticeable and painless skin abrasion on the penile shaft as well as the vaginal region.

-The viral load is present in cervico-vaginal fluid and of-course in the blood.

-We will agree that in most cases if not all,the condom no matter how carefully worn still exposes some part of the penile shaft and this is where the problem lies because in most cases,the vaginal secretions come in contact with this exposed region of the shaft.

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