Do You Urinating For More Than 7 Seconds ? You May Have A Serious Problem !!!

The urinary tract is exceedingly significant to your health- throughout urination we release toxins from our body and any harmful substances that have piled up in our organism. Sometimes, the urinary tract can become neglected body area, but the truth is- it is one of the key body systems that can indicate any signs of abnormality or a certain disease.

Since we stated how important the good condition of the urinary system is, here are the four most essential aspects in regards to urine that you should always have on your mind:

-The average times or urination per day is seven

Benjamin Braker, a famous urologist at the Medical University of New York gives this estimation based on many research and although this can vary to how many drinks you have consumed during the day, it is the general accepted number. Small divergences are not harmful.

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