Doctors Explain How Negative Thinking Is Bad For Your Health


We all know the phrase: “You are your own worst enemy.”What does it mean to you? Take a moment or two to pause and reflect.

Nope, five seconds is not “a moment or two”. Search deep inside yourself. Seriously. This is your health that is at stake.

Tick tock. Excuse me, let me grab a cup of coffee while you work your interior magic. Keep up the good work reflecting.


Done it? Good. Unfortunately, this is a one-way conversation so your thoughts stay where they are (if someone out there has a way to convey their thoughts telepathically, the rest of us are all ears… or all minds, or whatever!). My particular sentiments on this are that it hurts. Yes, it kills me inside. It is known as “the nocebo effect”, the other side of the coin to the placebo effect. “The term nocebo (Latin noc?b?, “I shall harm”, from noce?, “I harm”) was coined by Walter Kennedy in 1961 to denote the counterpart to the use of placebo (Latin plac?b?, “I shall please”, from place?, “I please”); as a substance that may produce a beneficial, healthful, pleasant, or desirable effect”, affirms Wikipedia.Using the mind in life, we can either hurt or help ourselves.

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