Emergency: Snake Bite, Scopion,And The Likes What To Do And What Not To Do

Snake venom is nothing else but remarkably progressive salivary emission which is used to kill or paralyze the victim. Snake’s venom is not made to kill people. There are two main types of venom. The first one has an impact on the nerves (venom of regular krait and cobra) and the second one, on the blood. With the Polyvalent immunizing agent venom serum you can safe yourself from the bites of the Big Four – Russell’s snake, basic krait, cobra and saw-scaled snake.

If you ever find yourself in situation to help somebody who is bitten by snake remember several things: don’t panic, find a doctor and get neutralizing agent venom serum.


Try to calm the victim down and pay attention to stay still.

Talk with the victim, saying that everything will be all right so the victim will not panic. This will prevent high heart rate which would lead to faster spreading of the venom through the blood flow.

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