Fake & Real Orga_sms? 9 signs that show your woman is really having an orga_sm

Many women fake orga_sms just to please their man.Sometimes, the faking is so real that you’ll be left without an iota of doubt that she just hit the heights of pleasure.

The truth however is that only few men take time to take women to that org_asm place, and those are the men that realize that there are nerve endings of the cli_toris spread throughout the vu_lva and inside the vag_ina …as well as her brea_sts, nipp_les and other body parts.

However, if you really want to know when she’s having an org_asm or about to, here are the signs to look for:

Fast-paced breathing and heart rate. If you can hear the sound of her breathing in your ear, something is happening.

Tensed up body or spasmodic body movements. If she’s twisting and turning and jerking (and it’s not a fit) then you’re hitting the spot.

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