For Single Ladies 5 guys never to date if you want to get married [Part 2]

It’s better not to waste your time with them

Many guys look like the ‘perfect’ husband material till you date them and you realise it isn’t what it is.

Marriage Proposal Marriage Proposal

(vkool)For a girl who wants to get married soon, if you meet any of these kind of guys, it’s better not to waste your time with them. It doesn’t mean they are bad people, just that their compatibility level with you will be zero in the

Inspired by Your Tango, here is the concluding part on kind of guys you shouldn’t consider for marriage:

1. The Control Freak: Like the name implies, this guy not only wants to know everything about you but also have control over your life. As a grown woman who knows what she wants, this kind of guy is simply bad news…just run.

Man with commitment issues Man with commitment issues

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