Girl With Tessier Facial Cleft Undergoes 3D-Printing Surgery To Reconstruct Face

Each woman will get to the point that the monthly phase of their period is hard and gets very tough to deal with. There come the cramps, mood swings, extra poop, hunger, and many more which provide tough time to the woman. Another bad thing is the foul smell which comes with the blood. It sometimes becomes so foul and apparent, and it can be also followed by backaches and acne avalanche.

These are the main reasons why the period blood smells:

PH balance – the levels of pH raise during the period, making the blood less acidic, resulting in bacteria growth down there and eventually bad smell.

Bacteria – the chances of present fungus and bacteria in the uterus lining are high during the period. The uterus lining sheds during this process, resulting in smell in the blood. If the blood stays longer in the uterus, the chances that it will smell stronger are higher.

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