Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease Outbreak! 6 Signs To Watch Out For!

Parents know how easy it is for their children to get sick, especially when an illness is spreading through a school or a daycare. A cough, a cold, the flu… this time of year, many kids are sure to get sick. The scary thing is, there’s an illness spreading that’s a lot worse then a cold. Doctors are urging parents to learn about hand, foot and mouth disease in order to recognize the symptoms.

What Is Hand, Foot And Mouth Disease?

Hand, foot and mouth disease is a viral illness that most commonly affects infants and children younger than five years old. It can also occur in adults. The disease affects about 200,000 Americans every year. It usually starts with a fever, reduced appetite and a sore throat. A day or two after the fever starts, painful sores can begin to develop in the mouth.

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