He Lost 425 Pounds In 700 Days For One Of The Most Dramatic Transformations Ever

Ronnie Brower is a huge Taylor Swift fan, but nearly three years ago that meant something quite different than it does today. Ronnie weighed nearly 700 pounds when doctors told him that his obese body would be the cause his death by the age of 35. It was this stark news, and the motivation of Taylor Swift’s music, that put his mind into gear to get better. He was hoping that he could inspire people and perhaps meet Ms. Swift at an upcoming concert in Cleveland.

His journey lasted over 700 days, but he refused to let failure be an option. In the video below you can see that he was barely able to walk at the beginning. His spirit was never one of shame, doubt, or negativity. He stayed upbeat even though he know the task at hand probably seemed insurmountable to those around him.

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