His wife storms out of the house angrily and leaves him alone with their son. 2 days later, she gets THIS letter

The following article is a testimony of a father who got back home after an exhausting day at work and just wanted to rest. He wanted to watch the football match without having to put up with children screaming or doing household chores. But his wife just couldn’t take it anymore and left him. His world started falling apart when he was left alone with his children. Here’s a letter that he wrote to his wife:

“My dear,

Two days ago we had a big fight. I got home tired from work. It was 8p.m. and all I wanted to do was sit and watch the match.

When I saw you, you were exhausted and in a bad mood. The children were fighting and the baby was crying while you were trying to put him to sleep.

I just turned up the TV volume.

‘It wouldn’t kill you to help out a bit and get more involved in your children’s upbringing,’ you told me upset while you turned down the TV volume.

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