How To Catch A Cheating Woman

In the dating jungle, people lie all the time.However, depending on how skilled they are, it can be difficult to determine when someone is lying to you.
Do you know how to recognise the signs that someone is lying to you Yours truly and Frao were taken through a ‘Detect-A- Liar crash course’, by a psychologist over a drink. The good psychologists claimed that some of the signs are obvious while others are more subliminal, but there are ways toccatch someone in a lie, you just need to know what they are.

A person who is lying to you won’t make eye contact with you or they make too much eye contact. I believe many men have faced this situation in the course of their love life. According to the
psychologist, women are the best liars!

When women are lying and they notice you are suspicious, they always look down at the floor or away from your eyes. Some try to stare you in the face in a deliberate way because they feel like making eye contact will make what they are sayings more believable.

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