How To Check If Your Husband Had Se_x While He Was Out

1. Smell its odor

Normally it should have the filthy offensive odor of not having been washed.If you smell se_men or se_xual liquids odor or the pleasant odor of bathing products then it’s up to you [to decide why]…

While I’m at it, the normal offensive odor should be primarily from the offensive odor of uri_ne, slightly salty.
Sem_en and se_xual liquids odor are slightly fishy odor.

Normally when you have the chance, smell [his pen_is] more, lick more, and slowly you will be more familiar with it.

2. Let it [the ejac_ulate] out and look at the color, white means he has ejac_ulated within the past 3 days, yellow means he hasn’t. (Some people say the color will change after time too, you can check yourself.)

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