How To Lower Your Child’s Fever In Just 5 Minutes Without Any Medications!

Several studies and experts prove that if your child is healthy, fever is nothing to worry about because it works to fight off infection which causes the child to be sick. But, you may take several steps if your child is burning up. You mustn’t forget that fever lasts for more than several days and then you need to visit a pediatrician.

You can do several things: you can lower your child’s fever in less than 5 minutes using brandy water. Prepare it by diluting one cup of brandy with water. Soak some gauze in this combination and put it in your child’s socks. Remove layers of clothing. In this way, your child will decrease the high temperature very easy through its skin. Use light layers of clothing. If the child is shaking, cover it with a light blanket until it is warm again.

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