If You Consume These Healthy Foods At The Wrong Time, They Can Be Harmful! Find Out When You Should Consume Them!

Eating the healthy foods at wrong hours can make you obese or bloated. But, today we will tell you when to consume them. This is the best timing for these foods.


Best time to eat: Day – aids the digestion and soothes the digestive system.

Worst time to eat: Night – if you are prone to cough and cold, it can lead to mucus formation.


Best time to eat: Lunch – the metabolism is higher during the day, so you can use the carbohydrates.
Worst time to eat: Night – it will only increase the body fat.


Best time to eat: Morning – the apple peel contains the fiber pectin that prevents constipation and aids in bowel movements. Also, it eliminates the carcinogens.

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