If You Never Knew Why Most Ladies Do Not Shave Their VeeJay Hair, Then You Need To Read This

This is exclusively for the ladies, but if you are a male and you are reading this, you are so much welcome to this topic. I believe you (male) have being wondering if the ladies do shave their priv ate part’s (veejay as meant in this article) hair.
In order to figure out when a woman’s most likely to be in the mood, pay attention to the times she seems the most energized and/or chilled out.
Try thinking outside the box — you may find that she’d love a post-jog qu1ckie right before her shower!
A tip to know a lady who does not have her pu bic region unshaven and bushy is, when a lady wearing what is popularly known as leggings walk past you, smartly look at her lower part (pu bic region), you will notice that the area is enlarged or a kind of curvy.

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