Ladies, Here Are 7 Good Reasons You Need To Date a Guy With a Hairy Chest…..No3 Is Definitely True!

Have you ever dated a guy with a hairy chest? If the answer is no, maybe you should give it a try. In the world of G*ydom, men who shave their chests (and other body parts) seem to get lots of attention.
In fact, there are entire “how to” guides on the web that tell otherwise furry men how to shave off the hair.

Here are seven goog reasons you have to get down with hairy chested man……

1. A furry guy will keep you warm

One of the reasons men have body hair is because it’s nature’s way of regulating their internal temperature. When you curl up with a hairy chested man to sleep, he’s got a natural man blanket to keep you warm.

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