Ladies! Your Man Wants You To Do These 7 Things With His Pe_nis

Just like women need a lot of attention when it comes to their body parts during se_x, men do too. They will also prefer it if you handle their body, especially the pen_is in a particular way.

1. Lightly tap up and down his shaft with your fingers, like you’re playing a piano with one hand. This helps him get and stay hard by keeping blood flowing into the spongy tissue of his pe_nis.

2. Stroke down his length with one hand to make the skin taut and expose more nerve endings. Then wrap your other hand around the head of his pen_is and slide it up and down. Use a drop of lu_be to make sure you don’t chafe his sensitive skin.


3. Take his pen_is between your open palms and, using your hands like ping-pong paddles, very lightly bat it back and forth. The quick touches feel invigorating and increase circulation to the surface of the skin.

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