Man Dies Suddenly, Then Brother Logs Onto His Computer And Finds A Secret File He Left Open

Much of Aaron Collins’ life was spent struggling with substance abuse. Then, at the age of 30, he died unexpectedly in Lexington, Kentucky. Days later, Aaron’s older brother, Seth, scoured his belongings and found Aaron’s will stored in a file on his computer.

“My life was a party and my death should be, too,” Aaron wrote in his will. But never did Seth, nor the rest of their family, expect the will to contain a list of kindhearted and selfless wishes for his loved ones to carry out when he passed.

Aaron wanted his family to take any money left in his bank account and do the following: pay back his mother and father, if they were still alive; give some money to a homeless person; and leave a $500 tip on a pizza for a random server.

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