Must Read : 5 Dangerous S.3.x Positions Nigerian Women Hate with example (See photo)

(1) S-po.o.ning:
“This position seems nice and romantic, but it is really hard to keep him penetrated so we do not do this move for a long time. Having him slip out too often usually kills the mood.”

(2) Agai.nst a wall:
“For some reason, a lot of men always seem to be into this move. I get that it is manly, but these guys cannot handle this for a long time. Also, the fear that I will fall off is so distracting that I do not even enjoy myself.” – Karimat,
(3) 6.9:
“I never saw the appeal of this move. Very often, it is difficult for both of us to have it in our mouths at the same time, so mostly, it’s either my ass is idle on his face or I just have my face pressed against his crotch” – Pat, 25

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