Must Read : See What The Colours Of Your Urine Say About Your Health

The colour of your urine can indicate one’s health state and point to what goes on inside the body.

It’s important to take note of how your urine looks like (note the colour) as well as the sensation when passing it. The colour of urine can tell if some organs aren’t functioning well, if there’s a deficiency (an indication to improve diet/ load on vitamins) and the general state of being.

For instance if there’s blood in the urine this may point to problems with the kidney, urinary tract, urethra or bladder.

Check out what these colours of urine mean the next time you visit the bathroom:

1. Clear
A clear urine is usually a sign that enough water is consumed/the body is greatly hydrated. The clearer the urine means enough water is consumed! And staying hydrated never harm anyone.

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