NIGERIAN LOVERS! 15 Do’s and Don’ts If You Want To Have Good S3x..Don’t Joke With No. 8

These 15 tips never go out of style
1. Don’t rush. It’s much simpler and s*xier for your partner to say, “More, harder, oh god, faster,” than it is to say, “Whoa! Slow down there, cowboy.”
2. Do provide positive reinforcement. Total silence sucks. Your partners will welcome praise and feedback like Jessica Simpson would a good review. Plus, it’s an easy way to dabble in dirty talk. If you can’t find the words, appreciative noises work just as well.
3. Don’t assume that just because you’re in love (or on good behavior), you can’t have it dirty. The idea that marriage, monogamy or even good manners is the end of dirty, throw-me-against-the-wall, taboo-busting sex is a tired, old myth that you should debunk on a regular basis.
4. However, do ask permission before giving your partner a money shot in the face. That’s just good manners.

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