Read! 10 Ways To Delay Ejaculat!0n

At one point, you have probably asked yourself why writers are deeply concerned about the so called weaker s3x, while many problems facing men go unaddressed. Among the problems facing men is the issue of premature ejaculation. While science has yet to establish a lasting solution to this menace, this article outlines for you.

1.Wear A C0ndom: The most basic of all 10 ways to Delay Ejaculation is wearing a condom. While this may sound like an easy thing to do, the choice of condoms you buy really matters.

Using a condom reduces the intensity of stimulation in men because it eliminates the direct contact between the penile nerves and the vaginal walls. It is advisable that you avoid the extra thin condoms as they do not create a sufficient barrier to stimulation. Similarly, try and avoid the extra-lubricated condoms as they tend to speed up stimulation.

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