Remove Waterproof Makeup Easily With One Ingredient You Have In Your Kitchen

Every woman who’s at least once worn waterproof mascara or a waterproof lipstick will know how difficult it is to remove it. Now, most women use commercial makeup removers, but this are not only costly, but are also filled with chemicals that may irritate more sensitive skin.

Luckily, there’s one common ingredient that you probably already have in your kitchen, which can help you remove waterproof makeup in only one move; it’s olive oil. However, not many know that this common kitchen ingredient has amazing uses outside the kitchen too.


You’ve just come back from a party, a date or another important event and you’ve been wearing your favorite waterproof lipstick for several hours already. If you suddenly lost your makeup remover glove or you’ve run out of your makeup remover, don’t panic. Just grab a cotton ball, dab it in some olive oil and remove your makeup in one move.

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