Save The Sme.lly V*gina Now! With……(Read!)

Your v*gina is your womanh0.0d. To maintain a healthy v*gina you must know what to do to avoid infection and it is equally important to educate your s*x.ual partner on some of them to also help you help the v*gina. Here are some few things you can do or avoid.

1. Fing.ering; During f0replay or r0mance, as part of it some people insert their finger or fingers into the v*gina. The question is, how many people wash their hands before s*xual interc0urse? Some people do not even keep their nails clean so it gathers a lot of germs and during the fing.ering, these germs are deposited in the v*gina…leading to infe.ction. Same thing apply to auto pl3asure acts or mast.urbation.

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