Scientists Have Finally Discover the Function of the Human Appendix

Even though, in the past, the appendix was considered to be ‘that’ part of the body with no specific function, today these beliefs are about to change. Many scientists are claiming that they have finally revealed its original function. Many believe that the human appendix is nothing but a redundant. However according to many researchers, the human appendix is a shelter for healthy bacteria.

This means that the appendix is the help that your body needs to ‘reboot’ its digestive tract in cases of dysentery or cholera.

According to the researchers from the Duke University Medical Center, North Carolina, the human body drains reserves from the appendix using its good bacteria to fulfill the needed number of bacteria in the intestines that ‘disappear’ as a result of cholera or dysentery.

On the other hand, according to Professor Bill Parker,you should not abuse this fact, and exhaust your appendix at any price.

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