She was holding a laptop on her knees while using, when she removed it, she was shocked!

Do you need to be concerned because the laptop radiates?

Let me ask you this: Do you sit with the laptop on the knees? If your answer is yes, then you have reason to be worried.

What is laptop radiation?

Using your laptop exposes you to electromagnetic fields – radio waves arising from electronic devices and magnetic fields are created. Did you know that the laptop, because of the radiation, may burn your skin? If you ever hold a laptop on your knees while sitting, then you know that the laptop can produce a lot of heat and the longer you use it, it becomes warmer. The heat can become unpleasant, but many people do not realize that heat of the radiation from your laptop can damage your skin; Researchers say that skin discoloration may be temporary, but in rare cases can cause damage that can lead to skin cancer.

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