The Best and Worst Ways to Propose to Your Girlfriend

How-not-to-proposeIf you’re thinking about finally proposing to the girl of your dreams, here’s a guide on how you should and shouldn’t do it.

So you’ve finally found what you believe to be that perfect partner: someone so awesome, you want to devote the rest of your life to her – if she’ll have you, of course. You’ve got the ring, you’ve got your speech, and now all you need is the perfect place.

Before you go rushing off to your romantic hotspot, keep in mind that the setting is one of the things she’ll remember forever, the tiny details she’ll be sharing with all of her friends and family as she tells the story over and over again – so consider it wisely! Will there be tourists taking selfies in the background of your marriage proposal? Will it rain? Will she be thrilled, or embarrassed?Click To Next-Page>> 2

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