The Most Embarrassing S3x Story Of All Time

Stop Everything! This Is The Most Embarrassing S3x Story Of All Time

Prepare to hide with Shame! Cringe of all cringes!

My boyfriend has always wanted me to give him head while he’s driving. I’ve been pretty reluctant to give it a go for a couple of reasons; like if we went over a bump and I accidentally bit his member, or if he crashes because he closes his eyes or something. But nothing could have prepared me for what happened when I eventually gave it a shot.

We are a pretty se_xually active couple, will do it two to three times a day given the option, so a couple of weeks apart was tough and left us both pretty hor_ny. We had been se_xting a lot and he was telling me what got him going and what he wanted me to do to him when I got home. One of them was to give him head while he drives.

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