The Real Truth About What Causes Cancer and Why Doctors Constantly Ignore It


Even though President Nixon and the Congress declared war on cancer 45 years ago, the incidence of cancer is steadily increasing since then despite the massive technological progress during that span of time. Today, cancer is the number one killer of American citizens between the ages of 45 to 74.



According to Reynold Spector, a professor of medicine at Robert Wood Johnson Medical, “the war on cancer” failed because:

  • Medical professionals don’t understand the cause/pathogenesis in most cancer cases
  • The majority of the treatments, except surgery, are nonspecific cell killers and not “smart”
  • Grant system and clinical trials do not encourage innovations
  • Screening drugs for fighting cancer cells has been completely unsuccessful.
  • Animal models of cancer are often inadequate
  • Unproductive “fads” keep coming and going in research

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