The Truth About Pubic Hair Removal: Can It Really Cause Serious Health Problems?

To some kind of pubic hair removal resort 87% of American women. For all women around the globe it has become the beauty standard some wax, other shave.

With your hair peeking out of your bikini it’s considered to be inappropriate to show up on a beach, and many women don’t even go to the beach if they haven’t removed their pubic hair.

If they haven’t recently shaved or waxed many women don’t want to engage in a sexual intercourse.

What’s even more surprising, men have started to do it too, and quite a lot of them as a matter of fact. Astonishing, isn’t it?

For introducing this practice to the modern world it’s quite possible that we’ll need to blame it on the Ancient Greeks and Egyptians; it’s believed that pubic hair removal has originated from Ancient times, but sometime between 1915 and 1945 it was reintroduced into the beauty standards.

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