The Whole World Celebrates: Cuban Doctors Achieve Cure for Vitiligo

Many people from all around the world suffer from this vicious disease and the worst part of this disease was that up until now this disease had no cure. Lucky for those suffering from it, this disease now has a cure.Vitiligo, or widely known as leucoderma, is a disease in which the skin color so progressive. According to some recent studies, this disease affects 1% of the world population and have not been identified distinctions of sex, age, latitude geographical or race.

For the purpose of this article Cheri Lindsay, 25, and Phillip Lindsay, 52, who have this rare skin condition, shared their story.

A good news for those suffering from this disease comes from Cuba. Namely doctors in Cuba discovered a cure for this vicious disease and the main feature of this cure are the depigmentation of skin areas, especially in the face, limbs or genital area.

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